Confession of a salted fish

Today, I listened to the sound of the drum all day that didn't stop till evening. So I was thinking whose child was training so hard. By contrast, I played all day, which made me feel guilty.

I wonder if I've done something like that. I wonder if I study in my spare time like that child. It seems very seldom.

Some time ago, I developed this website and wanted to use it to record my coding notes. However, after it was established, I have tossed it many times, such as changing the theme of the website, adding some new features, but have not focused on the content of the website and sticked to writing.

So I was wondering why I did this, why I developed this website at the beginning. It's just for me to take notes in my coding time. I found that I had violated my original intention.

Since I started working,taking notes and diary happened only occasionally. When I want to do that, I just do it in the beginning days, hardly to keep the impetus of that. Not only blogging, but aslo learning English. I have wanted to learn English many times, but I never sticked to it, so I don't learn English well, nor can I read computer documentation smoothly.

In the end, actually my main purpose of writing this blog is to practice my English, and also to reflect and spur myself,although it's all nonsense.

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